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Red Orchestra 2 Available for Free Download - Next 24 Hrs Only

Wednesday April 23, 2014

From now until tomorrow, April 24th @ 10:00am PST, Tripwire Interactive will be running a fan promotion giving away Red Orchestra 2 for free. The first person shooter can only be downloaded via Steam free of charge and as long as its installed before tomorrow's deadline, it is permanently free to keep. This is a great way to try out Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad which was one of the top shooters released in 2011.

The game will require the Steam client and Steam game page can be found here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/35450/

Bioware sets Dragon Age Inquisition Release Date for October 7th

Tuesday April 22, 2014
Bioware released a new Dragon Age Inquisition game play trailer today and in it has announced a launch date of October 7th for the action role playing game. Inquisition will be the third installment in the Dragon Age series of role playing games which are Bioware's spiritual successor to the Dungeons & Dragons based Baldur's Gate series. With Dragon Age Inquisition, BioWare is looking to get the series back on track after following up the original Dragon Age: Origins with a lackluster Dragon Age II in 2011. In addition to the release date the trailer also unveils some of the back story and game play that can be expected. Those pre-ordering the game will also receive the first DLC called The Flames of the Inquisition.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Call of Duty Ghosts Devastation DLC Released for Xbox

Tuesday April 8, 2014
A little over a month since the release of Call of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC for the PC and Activision/Infinity Ward has already released the next DLC exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Call of Duty Ghosts Devastation released today with four new multiplayer maps, a new combo sub machine gun/assault rifle and the second episode in the co-op Extinction campaign. In addition to episode 2 for Extinction, the new maps include Behemoth, Collision, Ruins, and Unearthed and are all small to medium sized maps. If history holds, this newest Call of Duty Ghosts DLC should hit the PC and Playstation platforms in about a month.

Call of Duty Ghosts

Titanfall PC Review

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Titanfall Box ArtTitanfall has been one of the most talked about video games since its E3 2013 reveal and multiple awards. It has been out for just over two weeks and all indications are that it is selling well, but now we've had a couple of weeks to play it ,was it worth all of the hype? Or is it just your standard multiplayer first person shooter we've seen over and over the past few years? You can read more about Titanfall and what sets it apart from your typical shooter in my review of the PC version of the game.

 • Titanfall Review (PC)

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