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XCOM Enemy Unknown Bugs, Problems & Bug Poll

By October 23, 2012

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XCOM Enemy Unknown has been out a little over two weeks now and while the game looks great and is a lot of fun to play, some are reporting quite a few bugs. Fortunately the 2K Games Forum has a dedicated bug post that, as of this writing, is up to 18 pages. The first post in the XCOM dedicated bug list thread lists a bug count up to 73 but also notes that some had been duplicates. Firaxis appears to be working diligently on fixing as many issues and has released one substantial patch that has fixed some issues, but others still remain. There has been no official announcement in regard to when the next patch will be released.

If you have a bug that you've encountered, are experiencing technical issues, or have general feedback on the game you'd like to share, be sure to post a comment and tell us about them. You never know, someone else may have a solution to a problem you face. You can also rate your overall satisfaction with the game in our XCOM Enemy Unknown Bug Poll.

Critical Bugs - Game is unplayable in current state due to bugs.
Major Bugs - Portion of game is unplayable and/or frequently crashes interrupting play.
Moderate Bugs - Game is playable, bugs do affect game play but are manageable.
Minor Bugs - Game is playable, bugs do not impact overall game play, are more of an annoyance
Little or No Bugs - Game is playable, have experienced no bugs during game play.

November 5, 2012 at 6:06 pm
(1) Os says:

Youtube video showing the same thing that happens to me. Really sucks. IN ironman mode.


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