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Civ-Evolution Free Game


Official Description:

Civ-Evolution, or C-evo, is a non-commercial empire building game, dealing with the history of man from the antiquity until the future. This includes aspects of exploration and expansion, war and diplomacy, cultivation and pollution, industry and agriculture, research and administration.

The game is based on Microprose's famous Sid Meier's Civilization and has many basic ideas in common with it. Actually, this project has arised from the wish to correct annoying design mistakes and AI weaknesses of Civ II. C-evo is aiming to be an ageless, unornate, truely challenging strategy game. So, in contrast to similar other games, it does not focus on being "big", "up to date", superficially exciting or historically correct.

To play the game, you need a 200 MHz PC with high color display and Windows 95 or newer. If you have questions or comments concerning the game or the project, put a posting to the forum or contact the developer at steffen@c-evo.org.


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