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America's Army: Operations

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Americas Army: Operations

Americas Army: Operations

US Army

The Bottom Line

The US Army wants to give you a peak into what goes on in their operations, for free. This is a great first person shooter that's well worth the time/space it takes to download.


  • A free game with some substance
  • Top-notch graphics, in a free game download
  • Realistic look at a US Army soldier


  • Strategy guides are not free.


  • Game begins with tutorials that are based on basic army training.
  • Realistic infantry roles are incorporated into missions according to Army doctrine.
  • Infantry Roles can include grenadier, rifleman, and fire team leader.
  • State of the art Unreal graphics engine.

Guide Review - America's Army: Operations

America's Army: Operations was released by the US Army, and provided online for free. For those interested in a military career this game gives a realistic look into that life. The game starts with a series of tutorials that teach you the basics of game play and gives you a familiarity with weapons and various communiction devices, including official US Army hand signals. After the tutorials, you are then assigned to specific missions that include various scenarios to guarding certain bases or civilian structures, to rescuing hostages. America's Army: Operations is a free game download that has much more to offer than many of the free games that can be found online. The US Army already has a second game set for free download release.
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