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GI Joe Battlefield 1942 Mod


GI Joe Battlefield 1942 Mod

GI Joe Battlefield 1942 Mod

GI Joe Mod:

The GI Joe Battlefield 1942 mod is just as it sounds, a full game modification that takes the Allied and Axis troops, weapons and vehicles and replaces them with the characters, vehicle and weapons of the GI Joe world and pits the arch enemies GI Joe and Cobra against each other.

The GI Joe mod is still in development there are some versions that are available. Currently there are 2 versions available. The Alpha 1.1 version and the mini mod.

Alpha 1.1 was the first public release of the GI Joe mod, There are many bugs in this version but has the most vehicle types of the two available mods.

The GI Joe mini mod contains less bugs but that came at the expense of cutting out some of the vehicles that were causing the most problems. Never fear they'll most likely be back in another version. The mini mod also has a patch to fix some of the bugs.

For more information on the GI Joe mod and installation be sure to check out the official page from the links to the right.


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