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Battlefield: 1942 Cheats & Trainers


Battlefield: 1942

Battlefield: 1942

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Battlefield 1942 Cheats - Single Player Only:

All Battlefield 1942 cheats are case sensitive. Press ~ during game play and enter code

Invincibility: iCheats.code Tobias.Karlsson
Kill Enemy Bots: iCheats.code Jonathan.Gustavsson
Kill Bots: aiCheats.code Thomas.Skoldenborg
Bots Cheat: aiCheats.code BotsCanCheatToo
Toggle AI Stats: aiCheats.code TheAllSeeingEyeOfTheAIProgammer
New Spawn Location: aiCheats.code WalkingIsWayTooTiresome
Automatic Loss: aiCheats.code Hitler.Rules

Trainers Definition:

Trainers are standalone programs that run concurrently with the game that allow cheat codes to be enabled. There are trainers for each version of Battlefield 1942, they may or may not work during multiplayer games.

Trainer Instructions:

Unzip/Unrar trainer into your game directory, then start trainer with "pzdbf14t.exe", finally start the game, alt-tab back to windows and then start the trainer. During gameplay use following trainer options by pressing the corresponding keys shown on the trainer. For furter trainer notes and instructions check out the .txt or other files zipped along with the trainer.
Each Battlefield 1942 trainer version corresponds with the patch version you have installed for Battlefield: 1942. If no patch has been installed the link with no version number should be used.
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