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Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough

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Medal of Honor Breakthrough

Medal of Honor Breakthrough

Electronic Arts

The Bottom Line

Medal of Honor Breakthrough is most likely the final expansion pack for the long running Medal of Honor game in it's with it's current form and game engine. Look for a new full game Medal of Honor Pacific Assault sometime next year.
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  • New feattures such as drivable tanks.
  • Excellent audio and sound effects.
  • New multiplayer maps and modes.


  • Many missions are very similiar to previous releases.
  • Only a total of about 10 hours of game-play.
  • Game-play seems a bit forced. Over scripted missions.


  • Eleven single-player levels from Kasserine Pass to the battle of Monte Battaglia.
  • Multiple new multiplayer modes and levels.
  • Historically accurate World War 2 weapons, uniforms, and vehicles.
  • Upgraded graphics, skins, and audio. Including voices for American, British and Italian troops.
  • Enter and exit vehicles to aid in battles.

Guide Review - Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough is the second and most likely final expansion pack for the Medal Of Honor series. In the pervious two, Medal of Honor Allied Assault and the Spearhead expansions, gamers were treated to ground breaking game-play that blended a movie style animated story and graphics all with fps action. In Breakthrough however, everything seems a bit forced.

The game begins in the early stages of the US involvement in European/African theaters of war during World War 2, with the battle at Kasserine Pass. It continues through the invasion of Sicily and Italy with a total of 11 missions which amounts to about 10 hours of total game-play.

Graphics and sound have been upgraded a little and still remain top notch but many of the missions seem to be a slight variation from missions seen in pervious Medal of Honor titles. MOH Breakthrough does have a drivable tank and other vehicles in some missions. scripted.

Many of the missions also rely heavily on the scripted movie style animation, after a while gets a little predictable. That predictability though does not make the game any easier to complete, many of the missions are difficult, there are almost too many missions where visibility can be an issue to complete with out saving often.

Overall Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough expansion pack does prove to be satisfying but lacks in some originality and new game play features.

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