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Blip & Blop
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Blip & Blop is basically a free arcade oriented game, a 2D shoot game like Gryzor and Metal Slug. The funny part of this game is that you have to deal with some bad guys who bear a striking resemblance with some well-known characters. Be ready to face evil Snuffs, mighty Scare bears, vicious Snorkis and the terrifying Dorkemons. Prepare for a fight with some of the most feared foes of the video game industry. Enough of this self-proclaimed plumber Dario. Teach this impostor a lesson with the help of an handy shot-gun! Meet Laura Craft, the famous archeologyst, who prostitutes herself over the Internet to gain funds for her treasures expeditions. And roll over this silly blue hedgehog with your brand new Jaguar. - Loaded Studio

Review form GameHippo.com:
"In Blip & Blop, your goal is to defeat the evil video game and cartoon characters. You fight such creatures as Smurfs, Pokemon, and Snorks. This game features excellent graphics, sound, and humor. There are several difficult bosses to fight. To aid you, there are many different weapons that can be picked up. The language and violence in this game make this game wholely inappropriate for younger children."

Size: 43.4MB

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