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Grand Theft Auto 3 Downloads, Mods, & Add-ons
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Here are some cool mods, add-ons and downloads links and information for Grand Theft Auto 3 along with links to the sponsor sites for additional mods not covered here. Be sure to read any documents that are included in the downloads or for more information visit the websites listed.

GTA3 Game Horizons.net
Weapon Mod: This mod features new things such as faster shooting for uzi, automatic one-handed long range one shot blows a car up shotgun higher damage and semi-automatic rocket launcher, higher damage and faster reloading rate with a flamethrower, run while using an m16, higher pistol damage, lower damage on punches for cooler, longer fights, and higher damages from grenades and molotov cocktails! -


MP3 Randomizer: This mod randomizes the mp3 list in your gta3/mp3 folder while playing. - Download

Audio Editor: This mod allows editing of the sounds you hear in GTA3. Those sounds you hear when you walk up to buildings can be changed here. - Download

3D Mapper 2.2: This tool allows 3d editing. - Download

Color Radar: Old radar becomes colored and more detailed, you can see all roads at Belleville Park. - Download Link

GTA3 Mods.de(Make sure to hit the translate flag button on the right side, but please note you have to download from the German site!)
Flyable Helicopter: Installs the new Mr.Whoopie and starts the play. Now must you to one the Vertecke and the cars there with the help of the Admin CONSOLE charms. Now simply enter and on the Numpad the key 2 press. You find you now with the helicopter on the launch stand. Operating instructions to fly is attached. - Download

Undercover Hustler Mission: Starts a new play and it goes immediately loosely. The woman rises and the next friend into the car, " fetches ". Now raise you to " Salvatore " and it gets the first mission information. The lady kills and goes back again. Pursues the ice car and afterwards again to " Salvatore ". Here must you still or others settle and already their it created. Considers the following: The mission is not yet completely posed! - Download

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