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Medal of Honor Download Page
Your source for the best Metal of Honor downloads; demos, mods, add-ons, and other fun stuff.
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Medal of Honor Download Page: The purpose of the Medal of Honor download page is to offer you information on some of the coolest downloads available for the Medal of Honor series of PC games.  From official game patches from Electronic Arts that fix game bugs, to mods & add-ons that have been created by fans and add some extra fun elements to Medal of Honor.  If you have some great downloads or download links that you want me to add to this page be sure to send me the information either via email at compactiongames@aboutguide.com or through the Computer Action Games Forum.

Official Medal of Honor Patch v1.11 from EA.com:
Stand-alone game server that runs without CD,  Fix for the dial-up networking problem when playing single-player, Fix for in-game server browser always auto-refreshing, Fixed lag when a bomb was planted and the entire planting team was killed, and The multiplayer dial-up connection fix. Download Now. (ftp link directly to EA's download page).

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Demo: Single Player & Multiplayer Download Page
Medal of Honor: Spearhead Demo: Demo download page


Medal of Honor Add-Ons:
Here are just of the few links and downloads to great add-ons for Medal of Honor
     • Blood Effects - Files/patches that add blood effects to Medal of Honor.
     • Sound Effect Add-ons - Add some new soundtrack or sound effects to Medal of Honor.
     • Misc - much more miscellaneous add-ons such as skins, moding tools and more.




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