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Peripherals and Controllers for Computer Games
Some hints on what to look for in game peripherals

With the explosion of game console units suchs as Nintendo and Sony PLaystation, there has been more of a demand to make PC games just like those. With the games being alike people would like the game play to also be similar. Today there are a large number of PC game peripherals that can statisfy most every gamer.

Whether your looking for a old fashion joy stick, or an advanced flight stick here are some tips you may want to think about when buying and sort of game controller for your PC

First whar are you going to be playing most often? A first person shooter, driving game, flight game, top down action game, etc. Once this is determined it's easy to determine which will be best for your needs. Below are some tips to look for in each type of controller

Game Pads/Controllers

  • A game pad with multiple directional controllers are usually the best - These multiplte directional controllers will allow you to not only move your character, but also turn your head to look for example left/right or up/down.
  • Programmable Buttons - This is a must for all the first person shoothers where you have more than one weapon or need to perform 4 or 5 different tasks while the action is going on.

Joy Stick/Flight Stick

  • Good for fligt simulation games or two dimensional action games.
  • Programmable Buttons

Another important feature to look for in a game controller is the interface. Most use a USB port interface which is fast and most PCs usually have at least 2 input jacks. Other game controllers may use a serial port, just be sure to make sure your PC is compatable with the controller you intend to purchase.

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