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Mass Effect 3 Demo


Mass Effect 3 Box Art

Mass Effect 3 Box Art

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Title: Mass Effect 3

Genre: Action RPG
Theme: Sci-Fi
Developer: BioWare

Description: The Mass Effect 3 single player demo begins with planet Earth under assault by the Reapers and allows players to once again step into the role of Commander Shepard has goes to the front lines in order to try and save the planet. After the first few opening sequences the demo jumps forward to Commander Shepard at level 12 to give you a taste of some more advanced gameplay and tougher combat. In all the single player demo covers about 20-30 minutes of game play and covers a good portion of new features and game play elements that are included.

The Mass Effect 3 demo also allows player to play in any of the three single player game modes that will be available in Mass Effect 3. This includes the Action mode, which is a mode intended for players who are more interested in taking part in combat action sequences over the story/role playing experience part of the game. It's the quickest way for you to get into some combat but does not allow for any character customizations. It also provides automatic responses in dialog sequences and cut scenes. The Role Playing mode is the same as the standard game play mode that can be found in previous Mass Effect titles. It allows players to fully customize their character as well as decide character responses and direct the path the story takes. The final single player mode is called Story and is opposite of the action mode. It is geared towards those who prefer the rich story and role playing experience rather than the action combat sequences. In this mode you have ability to fully customize their character and direct the story but you will not have to worry about having to get through challenging combat encounters.

In addition to the single player game modes and story, Mass Effect 3, for the first time in the history of the series, contains a multiplayer component. This co-op multiplayer component has been included in the Mass Effect 3 demo that includes leveling up and equipping character to face an onslaught of enemies.

The Mass Effect 3 demo for the PC is available from EA's Origin game platform.

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