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Tropico 4 Demo


Tropico 4 Box

Tropico 4 Box

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Title: Tropico 4

Genre: Simulation
Theme: City/Nation Construction Management
Developer: Haemimont Games

Size: 1.69GB

Description: In Tropico 4 players will take on the role of El Presidente as they try to manage the island of Tropico into a thriving nation. The Tropico 4 Demo gives players the opportunity to try out the game prior to it's release. The demo contains all four tutorial missions that will teach you how to play the game as well as the first mission from the single player campaign. Coming in at just under 1.7GB in size, the Tropico 4 demo can be downloaded for free from any of the hosting sites listed below. Tropico 4 has a North American release date of Aug 30, 2011 and is being published by Kalypso Media.

Download Links
 • Joystiq
 • GamersHell
 • GameFront

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