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Title: ARMA II

Genre: Action Shooter
Theme: Modern Military
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Download: Game Demo

Size: 2.42GB

Description: The ARMA II demo gives players the opportunity to try out the sandbox style modern military action game from Bohemia Interactive. The massive 2.6 GB demo includes plenty of content and replayability for a game demo. You'll have the option to export the small island of Utes where you'll go through the initial boot camp/tutorial missions. These tutorials include learning the controls, unit commands and vehicle maneuvers including helicopter flight. In addition to the tutorial the demo includes a mission from the single player campaign called 'Trial By Fire' and a multiplayer map called Mini Warfare. THere are three game modes available in the multiplayer demo with more than 20 vehicles and 25 weapons to fight with.

The ARMA II demo can be downloaded for free from any of the hosting sites listed below.

Download Links
 • gamershell.com
 • File Shack
 • Big Download
 • computergames.ro

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