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Left 4 Dead 2 Demo

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Left 4 Dead 2 Demo

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Title: Left 4 Dead 2

Genre: Action - First Person Shooter
Theme: Survival Horror
Developer: Valve Software

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Description: The Left 4 Dead 2 demo is available for both the PC and Xbox 360 and includes a part of the "Parish" campaign that's set in New Orleans. It provides support for up to four players in the co-operative multiplayer mode and includes all of the melee weapons and infected zombies that are included in the full version of the game. The demo can be downloaded for free from any of the hosting sites that will be listed after the demo has been released for the PC on November 3, 2009.

Early Demo Launch for Pre-Orders:
Just to clarify a few things on the Left 4 Dead 2 demo. While I can not find official confirmation it appears from a number of forums/sites that the Left 4 Dead 2 pre-order demo launch will release around noon PST. Without official confirmation, I'll take it as meaning it will release sometime today during PST business hours. Also from everything I've heard, if you pre-ordered from a brick and mortar store you'll need to obtain the demo launch code from them. So if you don't have one, I'd recommend calling to make sure they have them before you head into the store to pick one up.

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