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The downloads and free game section allows you to browser through the latest information and download links for both computer game downloads and free computer games. The sections detailed below include information game demos, game mods, game patches, game trailers and of course free computer games. All downloads that are profiled include some general information about the download plus download links to hosting sites that provide downloads free of charge.
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Free Computer Games

Free computer games section contains numerous resources on free computer games available for free download. All free games profiled contain information about the game, links to official game sites (if available) and download links.

Game Demos

Computer game demos give gamers a great opportunity to preview a particular game before buying. Typically publishers make one mission or level available on the demo to give you a taste of what the full retail version of the game may be like. These demos distributed by the publishers and game demo hosting sites free of charge.

Game Mods

Mods are modifications made to a computer game that can change virtually any part of a game. These can include modifications to weapons, graphics, environments, characters and more. There can even be complete or full game mods that create an entirely new game. Mods do require the original game in order to work, but some have become stand alone retail releases.

Game Patches

Tired of bugs or unbalanced game play? Here are some of the latest computer game patches for some of the most popular titles that may just fix your bug or tweak game play for you.

Game Trailers

Video Game trailers are great way to get a sneak peak at some of the graphics and game play for a particular game. Trailers can include heavily animated cinematic trailers, game play walk throughs, developer interviews, and many more.

Miscellaneous Downloads

The miscellaneous downloads section includes info on downloads such as fan website kits, wall papers, game icons, and other misc downloads not found in the sections detailed above.

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