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Free Computer Games Guide

A guide for all of the free computer game resources on About.com


The Free Game Guide is a great starting point for finding your way around all of the free computer game resources listed on this site and across the About.com network. The guide includes links to my Free Games A-Z list, the Free Game of the Week newsletter, free gaming websites and much more.

Any links, free game recommendations, questions or broken links can be emailed to the Computer Action Games Guide or by posting a message in the Computer Action Games Forum.

Free Computer Game Lists

  • Free Games A-Z
    The Free Computer Games A-Z list offers a comprehensive and complete list of all the free computer games contained on the About.com Computer Action Games site. Each game listed has it's own game page where download links and general information is available.

  • Free Sim Games
    This list of free computer simulation games comes from the About.com Computer Simulation Guide. It includes games such as flight sims, city building games and many more. The games are organized in a convenient A-Z list and by topic/theme.

  • Free MMORPG Games
    The Free MMORPG list from About.com's Internet Games guide includes links and information to about 20 free MMORPG games. Anarchy Online, Knight Online, and Runscape are just a few of the free MMORPG games listed.

  • Free Internet/Web Games
    The About.com Internet Games guide offers links and informaton to dozens of free internet and browser based games. Some of the games include arcade games, flash games, trivia games and many more.

  • Free Linux Games
    For all of those Linux users out there About.com's Linux Guide Juergen Haas provides reviews and download links to nearly 50 free games that run on the Linux operating system.

Top Picks

  • Most Popular Free Games
    Here is a list of the current month's most popular free computer games listed on the About.com Computer Action Games site. Each free game page includes a brief description, info and download links where the games can be downloaded for free.

  • Top Free Computer Game Websites
    This list contains some of the best websites and online resources for free computer games. Some sites are soley dedicated to freeware games, while others offer either a mix of freeware and free online games or a section dedicated to free computer games.

  • Top Free Platformers
    While it's true that many of the best platformers never seem to make it over to the PC, there are plenty of original homebrew and classic remakes that show the genre does have a life on the PC. The list of top platformers for the PC that follows details just a few of my favorites.

  • Top Free Massively Multiplayer Games
    Here's a list of free massivly multiplayer online video games (also know as MMO or MMORPG games). Unlike many MMORPG games that charge a monthly service fee, these games are both free to play and free to download.

  • Latest Free Games
    In this list you will find all of the latest free computer games that have been added to the free games section.

Free Gaming Articles & Features

  • Free Game of the Week Newsletter
    With the Free Game of the Week Newsletter each week you receive a link to a free game page that provides download links and general information about one of the top free computer games listed on this site.

  • Finding Free Games Online
    An article that is in need of an update but still provides some useful information on finding free computer games, looking for classic video games (MAME) and more.
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