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America's Army 3 Free Game


America's Army 3 Free Game
Title: America's Army 3

Genre: Action - First Person Shooter
Theme: Modern Military
Developer: US Army
License: Freeware
Misc: Must have Steam Installed

Description: America's Army 3 is the third full free release in the US Army's series of modern military action games. Sponsored by the US Army as a recruitment tool, the America's Army series of games have always done a good job of staying on the cutting edge in terms of graphics and game play. America's Army 3 is built using the Unreal Engine 3 game engine and contains very realistic and high quality charater models, environments, animations and effects. It also includes a single player mode as well as multiplayer modes with more than 15 maps.

America's Army 3 is free to play and download but must be downloaded via Steam. For more information be sure to visit the offical America's Army 3 site or search for it on Steam.

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 • Official America's Army Site
 • Steam - America's Army 3
 • Big Download - Deploy Client

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