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F1 Spirit Free Game Download



F1 Spirit is a top down car racing game. You begin by racing in stock and rally races and can progress to more advanced courses and F1 racing only after you've qualified at the lower level races. In all there are six types of races with dozens of tracks and cars to choose from. Racing takes it's toll on your car so you'll have to make sure you use the pit stops in order to repair and make it through many of the races.
The graphics for F1 Spirit are pretty good for a freeware game and the game play is easy enough for all ages to learn. It's can support up to four players from one computer but that can get a little crowded, there is a online multiplayer game mode that allows up to 32 players at once.

F1 Spirit was a game originally developed in 1987 by Konami for the MSX computer system

Be sure to check out the F1 Spirit site for more information on the game.



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