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Icy Tower Game Download


Icy Tower Quick Hits:

Genre: Platformer
Pros: Addictive, Fast Paced, Competitive, Fun for Any Age
Cons: Repetitive Game Play
Download Links: AllGamesAtoZ, Softonic

About Icy Tower:

Icy Tower game for Windows and Mac is one of the most addictive and fast paced platformers available for Windows PC and Mac. The objective of Icy Tower is quite simple, you control Harold the Homeboy or one if his friends, as you try to climb a huge tower by jumping from one floor to the next for a as many points as possible. You can take the easy approach and jump one floor at a time or you can attempt combo jumps to earn bonus points. Combo jumps include skipping at least one floor on your jumps and can include bouncing off the walls, flips and combination of flips and wall jumps. The more consecutive combo jumps you complete the more points you earn and the higher you'll go.

Icy Tower Game Play:

Icy Tower game play is easy to learn but difficult to master. Play starts at the bottom or ground floor of a seemingly infinitely tall tower and starts out slow but quickly picks up speed making it more and more difficult the higher you climb. Players utilize the left and right arrow keys to move Harold the Homeboy or another character horizontally across a floor and then the space bar to jump. Horizontal movement helps you pick up speed when you jump allowing you bounce off the walls, flip and skip two, three or even four or more floors at one time.

Upon jumping to higher floors causes the screen to scroll vertically with lower floors descending away from your character. The speed with which the floors drop off (or tower rises) increases over time. If you leave your character standing for too long he'll end up going off the screen ending the game. The game ends when your character falls off the screen from either missing a jump or scrolling off after standing still for too long.

Icy Tower also allows you to save and share replays of your best game and record three categories of scoring, highest score, highest floor and largest number of consecutive combos.

Icy Tower Download Links:

Icy Tower is a freeware game for Windows PC, meaning it is completely free to download and play. The Mac version is available in the Mac App Store for a cost of $2.99. Below are a few Icy Tower download links where you can download the game for free.
 • AllGamesAtoZ
 • Softonic

Size 2.52MB

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