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Planet Freeplay Site Profile


Planet Freeplay

Planet Freeplay

  • Types of Games: Freeware, Online
  • Number of Games(approx): 1,500
  • Web Address: http://www.planetfreeplay.com/
  • Quality of Site: 4/5
  • Searching: 3/5
  • Downloading: 2.5/5

Quality of Site: 4/5:

Planet Freeplay is a great source for finding quality freeware games by offering easy to use navigation and more than 1500 downloadable freeware and online games. Listed front and center of the Planet Freeplay home page are the latest freeware titles that have been added to the site. These listings provide the game title, a small preview screenshot and a short description. The left column navigation offers a master list of games, genre lists, podcasts, interviews and a submit feature which allows for the submission of new freeware games for listing.
The individual game pages provide a larger screenshot, longer description and download links.

Searching: 3/5:

Searching for games on Planet Freeplay is quite simple but does lack some advanced search features. There is a basic text search feature that returns good results but having advanced seach functions to allow for searching by genre, theme, etc... The left hand navigation does provide links to genre pages but there is no other filter type option.

Downloading: 2.5/5:

Planet Freeplay does not host any of the games it lists, rather it provides download links to other hosting sites. Expect to go through 4-5 clicks before you're able to actually download the game. There were a few dead links but overall not too bad (unfortunately any GameHippo.com link will no longer work). Downloading on Plant Freeplay is probably the weakest area but we should still feel fortunate that sites like these exist and putting up with a few extra clicks isn't too much to ask.
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