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Super Mario Wars


Super Mario Wars

Title: Super Mario War

Genre: Platformer
Theme: Mario Clone
Developer: 72dpi
License: Freeware
Misc: Multiplayer

Size: 10MB

Description: Super Mario War is a multiplayer game where up to four players play in a deathmatch on a traditional looking Mario screen to see who can stomp as many Marios as they can to win.

The game includes artwork, sounds and music that look like they've come straight from the classic Nintendo versions. In addition to the traditional deathmatch mode, Mario Wars includes other modes such as GetTheChicken, Domination, Capture the Flag and others. There's also a level editor that allows ou to create your own maps.

Super Mario War can be downloaded for free from any of the hosting sites listed below.

Download Links
 • AllGamesAtoZ
 • Brothersoft
 • Softpedia


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