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Dragon Age II

Information for Dragon Age II PC game


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Dragon Age II

Electronic Arts

About Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II is the sequel to the computer role playing game Dragon Age: Origins. Set in the same game world as the first title, players will assume the role of Hawke as they adventure through an all new area of the Dragon Age world known as the Free Marches. With a story that spans a decade players will be able to alter and shape the world as they adventure and quest to become a Champion. Dragon Age II also gives players the option to import the world from Dragon Age: Origins save files, so the choices made in the first game can have an impact in Dragon Age II.

Features & Game-play

Much like the original, Dragon Age II will be a non-linear, almost sand-box style storyline that is molded by the choices that the player makes with the main protagonist.
Character Race & Classes - Unlike the original, players will not have the ability to choose their race, they can only play as either a human male or female. There are three classes to choose from and as you would expect each has their own strengths and weaknesses. The three classes are Warrior, Mage and Rogue.
Combat - Combat in Dragon Age II allows players to control their character in real-time in all types of combat, melee, missile/ranged and spell combat. The game does allow you to pause at anytime in order to take control of other non-player characters during combat. In addition to can customize combat tactics for both your character and NPCs in your party.
Weapons, Spells & Abilities - In addition to make of the standard weapons and spells, Dragon Age II also includes a wide array of new weapons, spells, and skills/abilities.

Release Dates

North America: Mar 8, 2011
Europe: Mar 11, 2011


ESRB Rating: M for Mature
PEGI Rating: 18

Genre & Theme:

Dragon Age II is a fantasy based computer role playing game set on the mythical contenent of Thedas. The storyline for Dragon Age II takes place in a previously unexplored region of Thedas know as the Free Marches.


Dragon Age II is being developed by Bioware, the same developer who brought us famed computer RPGs Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2 and others.


Dragon Age II is being published by Electronic Arts.

Also Available On

PS3, Xbox 360

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