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Information for Homefront PC game


Homefront Box Art

Homefront Box Art


About Homefront

Homefront is a first person shooter set in the year 2027, which is ten years after the collapse of the United States economy. The story surrounds the invasion and occupation of the United States by a nuclear armed North Korea. Players will be a part of the American Civilian Resistance as they take up arms in hopes of driving the foreign invaders from US soil.

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Features & Gameplay

Homefront tells the story of a bleak future for the United States, one that is unable to defend itself against an invasion from North Korea. Homefront contains a single player campaign, multiplayer game modes, drivable vehicles and more. The PC version will also contain additional content not included in the console versions.
Single Player Campaign - In the Homefront single player campaign, players control a member of the American Civilian Resistance which has been set up to use guerrilla warfare in hopes of defeating the North Koreans.
Multiplayer - The multiplayer portion of Homefront is said to focus on vehicular combat and includes a leveling and points system that allows players to purchase weapons, upgrades and vehicles. The PC version will also include include dedicated servers and support for up to 32 players in 16 vs 16 matches.

Release Dates

North America: Mar 15, 2011
Australia: Mar 17, 2011
Europe: Mar 18, 2011


ESRB Rating: M for Mature

Genre & Theme

Homefront is first person shooter set in the near future United States, more specifically the year 2027. Technically it can be classified as a Sci-Fi but since there are no aliens invaders it can also be classified as a future military or modern military themed game.


The PC version of the game has been developed by Digital Extremes a development company that has worked on PC version of BioShock 2 and Unreal Tournament 2004 games to name a couple. The console versions of the game was developed By Kaos Studios.



Also Available On:

Xbox 360, PS3, OnLive

Homefront News

THQ Announces Strong Opening Day Sales for Homefront - Mar 17, 2011
THQ announced yesterday that their new first person shooter Homefront that was released on Tuesday sold over 375,000 units in North America. read more
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