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Mass Effect 3

Information for Mass Effect 3 PC game


Mass Effect 3 Box Art

Mass Effect 3 Box Art

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About Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is the third game in the Mass Effect series of video games that puts players into the role of Commander Shepard, mankind's last and best hope to save planet Earth from an alien race of machines, known as Reapers, bent on its destruction. It also brings to a close the critically acclaimed Mass Effect series and the storyline of Commander Shepard in epic fashion.

In Mass Effect 3, players, in the role of Commander Shepard, are tasked with taking back the Earth but quickly realize that the human race cannot do it alone. They must travel the galaxy in hopes of rallying other civilizations to join in the war to take back Earth and repel the Reapers. It is in this portion of the game that the actions and decisions that you may have made in the first two Mass Effect games will have a considerable impact on the storyline of Mass Effect 3. These decisions will help shape the reaction of these civilizations and ultimately the outcome and epic conclusion to the series.

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Demos, DLC & Other Downloads

The Mass Effect 3 demo was released and provides players the opportunity to try out the single and multiplayer game modes.
From Ashes is the first DLC released for Mass Effect 3 and introduces a new playable character and mission.

Features & Gameplay

For the most part the game play in Mass Effect 3 remains relatively unchanged, the action RPG is played in the third person, over the shoulder point of view. One of the new features present in Mass Effect 3 is the single player campaign game play modes: Action, Story and RPG. Each mode is geared towards a unique game play style, giving players more options than the standard game play mode found in the first two Mass Effect games.
  • Action mode is meant for players who don't necessarily enjoy the storyline. In this mode players are taken out of having a role in the story's outcome so to speak. All conversation responses that would normally need a reply or decision by the player will be automatic. Combat encounters and action take place as normal in action mode. Action mode does not allow for character customization.
  • RPG mode is the standard game play mode, players will make all decisions and replies in conversations as well as take part in combat as normal. You'll also play an active role in customizing your character and deciding what skills and abilities to choose after gaining experience. If you want to get everything out of your Mass Effect 3 gaming experience then RPG mode is the one you'll want to use.
  • Story mode in Mass Effect 3 is meant to be the opposite of Action mode. It is geared towards players who prefer the storyline over combat. In it players are allowed to fully customize their character to their liking as well as provide all responses and decisions to conversations and cut scenes but they will only have a limited role in simplified combat.

Players will have the option to import saved files from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 into Mass Effect 3, and as previously mentioned actions taken in the previous two games will have impact on the ending. Mass Effect 3 also features the return of many characters from the previous games with character party size. Mass Effect 3 also includes male and female versions of Commander Shepard as well as love interested relationships, including same-sex relationships. Combat

Combat in Mass Effect 3 has also been changes a little from previous games, making it player more like a traditional third person shooter rather than a role playing game. New combat features include rolling, blind firing, improved cover system and squad mate orders issue through Kinect. While this Kinect feature is unique to Xbox 360, it remains to be seen if it is also enabled for the PC version of Kinect. Other upgrades and enhancements include improved AI by having enemies fight together in support of one another, rather than as individuals. This will no doubt make combat more challenging.


Mass Effect 3, for the first time in the series, features a multiplayer component. This co-op multiplayer mode called Galaxy at War will put squads of up to 4 players into missions with the objective of defeating an enemy stronghold. These multiplayer missions can have a slight impact on the final outcome of the single player campaign. Players will have the opportunity to play as human or non-human characters, but these characters will be different from those created in the single player campaign, with their own leveling and skill trees.

Release Dates

 • North America: Mar 6, 2012
 • Australia: Mar 8, 2012
 • Europe: Mar 9, 2012


ESRB Rating: M for Mature
ACB Rating: MA 15+

Genre & Theme

Mass Effect 3 is a sci-fi action role playing game that has planet Earth under siege by alien invaders known as the Reapers.


Mass Efffect 3 was developed by BioWare, the same development company behind Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 as well as other RPG hits such as Star Wars The Old Republic, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age II and the Baldur's Gate series to name a few.


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Also Available On:

PS3, Xbox 360
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