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World of Tanks

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About World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a freemium multiplayer online tank combat came from Wargaming.net that focuses on team based player vs player combat where players control tanks or armored vehicles from the 20th century onwards. World ot Tanks includes a growing list of more than 160 tanks and armored vehicles from France, Germany, the Soviet Union, the United States and China, with tanks from Great Britain, Japan and other countries coming online in future releases. Tanks and vehicles are classified into five categories, Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers and SPGs. In addition to more tanks Wargaming.net plan to include game play elements such as infantry units, additional anti-tank weapons, and much more.

It's best to download the World of Tanks game files (2.7 GB file size) from the official World of Tanks site, but it is also available from other game and file hosting sites such as File Planet, Joystiq and others.

Features & Gameplay

The Play 4 Free or freemium distribution model means that World of Tanks is a free to download and play without a need to spend any money. Players will earn credits or "gold" which can be used to upgrade tanks, crews, and more. Like many freemium multiplayer games there is an option for players to make micropayments which can be transferred into in-game gold to be used on experience, faster tank upgrades, and premium tanks not part of the normal tank trees. These premium tanks do not have special abilities or advantages in combat over "free" tanks but they do earn an increased amount of credit and experience allowing for quicker upgrades.

World of Tanks allows for tank battles of up to two 15 tank teams for a total of 30 tanks on a single battlefield. Maps range in size from less than 1 square kilometer for urban maps up to 25 square kilometers for battles that took place in more open places such as the desert of North Africa. All tanks are rendered with historical accuracy including every detail on armament, maneuvering, vehicle characteristics and much more.

There are four different types of battles that are primarly used to determine teams. These include random battles, clan battles, team training battles and tank company battles. Team Deathmatch and Capture the flag are the base game modes used to determine winning team. The most popular mode is Clan Wars which is a on-going, persistant campaign on a world map that has been split into distinct sections or districts. Clans fight for these regions/countries in hopes of global conquest. The Clan Wars and persistant campaign is still a work in progress with plans for diplomacy such as non-aggression packs and treaties between clans.

Release Dates

 • Europe: April 12, 2011
 • North America: April 12, 2011

Genre & Theme

World of Tanks is a multiplayer tank combat action game. The majority of tanks are from the World War II era making however new tanks are being added on a regular basis and will not be exclusive to World War II.


European development company Wargaming.net has developed World of Tanks. Previous games from the company from Belarus include Order of War and the Massive Assault series. In addition to ongoing development for World of Tanks and its success, Wargaming.net is working on simliar multiplayer combat games World of Warplanes and World of Battleships.

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