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Age of Empires III

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Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III

Game Specifics
Developer: Ensemble Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Games
Release Date: Oct 18, 2005
Genre: Real Time Strategy
Theme: Historical

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Age of Empires III is the third installment in to the award winning and best selling real time strategy game series. The original Age of Empires and Age of Empires Rise of Rome began at the dawn of civilization and was followed up by Age of Empires 2 which took the series through the middle ages. Now, Age of Empires 3 picks up the time line and continues the historical fictitious story through the colonial period of western history.

Age of Empires III focuses on the many European powers vying for power over the New World. Like it's predecessors Age 3 revolves around your civilization and how well you can build both your economy and military might. The game includes eight different civilizations with the ability to utilize other civilizations in the form of mercenaries. The eight civilizations include the British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russians, Portuguese, Germans, Ottomans.

At the foundation of these civilizations in Age of Empires 3 is the Home City. Much like a character from a role playing game, the Home City is important to your success in the New World. It provides your civilization with supplies and military reinforcements and the Home City contains all sorts of building upgrades that make each game fun, different and challenging.

The game is and a variety of different game modes as well. The single player campaign contains 24 missions broken into three different acts. You can pit the French against the British in the French and Indian War, or help the Aztecs defend their culture from the Spanish, or you can lead revolt in South America. The single player portion of the game also includes skirmish battles and maps that enable you to "practice" before venturing into the multiplayer mode.

The Multiplayer mode is one of the main reasons for the huge success and popularity of previous Age of Empires games. Age of Empires III will have a similar interface to that of Age of Mythology and will be the place where you can find a quick game or go to get game tips and strategy.

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Age of Empires III Updates

October 18, 2005
Age of Empires III Released!
The highly anticipated Age of Empires III was released today. The game page includes all the latest game updates, news and links.

Sept 19, 2005
Age of Empires III Trailer I have added links to one of the many game trailers available for Age of Empires III. The trailer can be viewed directly in the browser from Game Trailers.com. This particular trailer is in High Definition Windows Media Format but Quicktime format is also available.

Sept 8, 2005
Age of Empires III Demo A demo page for the Age of Empires III demo has been created. It provides links to download sites and demo information. The demo includes a skirmish mode and two missions from the single player campaign.

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