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Game Details

Title: ARMA II
Publisher: Got Game Entertainment
Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studio
Game Series: ARMA, Operation Flashpoint
Genre: Action - Tactical Shooter
Theme: Modern Military
ESRB Rating: M for Mature
Release Date: June 26, 2009
Operating System: XP/Vista/7

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ARMA 2 is modern military tactical action game in which players controls a squad of troops through various combat missions that can include both land and air vehicles. The game is set in a ficticious eastern European country named Chernarus, whose control fought over by pro-democractic and pro-communist factions. There are five factions in the game each with their own unique weapons and vehicles.

The game is also the follow up and ArmA: Armed Assault/Combat Operations which takes place on a fictional island nation who is in the grips of a war between communist vs democratic forces. The ARMA series is a loose continuation of the Operation Flashpoint series that Bohemia Interactive initially developed. Bohemia Interactive began the ARAM series of games that follow the same general game play/theme of their original Operation Flashpoint series. Codemasters, who owns the Operation Flashpoint name, plans to release it's on Operations Flashpoint title in Fall 2009 called Operations Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

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