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Halo 2

Halo 2 for Windows Vista


Halo 2 for Vista. The Halo 2 for Vista game page includes information on Halo 2 for vista, links to Halo 2 screenshots, downloads, cheat codes and more. Halo 2 game page, halo 2 screenshots, halo 2 downloads, halo 2 reviews, halo combat evolved Halo 2 is the sequel to the extermly popular Halo Combat Evolved. Originally released as a launch title for the Xbox 360, it's gotten a make over and has become a launch title for Windows Vista and DirectX 10. The Halo 2 storyline picks up with Master Chief and Cortana back on Earth fighting to save the planet against the alien civilization know as the Covenant.

The Windows Vista operating system is required for this PC version of Halo 2.
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Halo 2 Links

  • Halo 2 Screenshots
    The Halo 2 screenshot gallery contains more than a dozen 16 images of actual game play footage.
  • Halo 2 Cheats
    About.com's Video Game Strategy guide provides cheats, tips and secrets for Halo 2 for Windows Vista.

Halo 2 Updates

June 28, 2007
Halo 2 Screenshots Added
The first screenshots were added to the Halo 2 Screenshot Gallery. The 16 images show actual in-game footage of the sci-fi first person shooter.

May 31, 2007
Halo 2 for Vista Released
Halo 2 for Windows Vista hit store shelves this week, originally released as a launch title for the Xbox 360, Halo 2 for Vista has gone through a bit of a make over and graphics upgrade that's sure to be a hit.

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