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Peter Jackson's King Kong The Game

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Game Specifics
Developer: UbiSoft
Publisher: UbiSoft
Release Date: Nov 2005
Genre: Action/Adventure:
Theme: Movie Based Game:

Peter Jackson's King Kong The Game is a computer game based on the hit movie and offers a nice twist in game play by enabling you to play as both Jack Driscoll and Kong himself. Set in the 1930s, the story follows the movie taking you on an adventure through the jungles of the mysterious Skull Island to the streets of Manhattan as you relive some exciting moments from the movie as well as taking you to environments not seen in the film.

Missions and objectives vary through out the game, while in the role of Jack Driscoll the gameplay is first person but then switches to third person perspective when you are in control of Kong. As Kong you will battle the many beasts and creatures on Skull Island.

Peter Jackson's King Kong The Game also utilizes many of the animation and graphical assests from WETA that were used in making the motion picture, so the environments look stunningly realistic and match close to what you'll see in the movie.

Peter Jackson's King Kong The Game Updates

December 14, 2005
Demo Link Added I've added a link to the King Kong The Game demo page, the demo includes two missions from the full version of the game.
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