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Shooters, adventure, survival horror, fighting. These are just a few sub-genres of the most popular video game genre, the action games genre. These games aren't for the faint of heart, as they require lightning reflexes, finesse, agility and some quick thinking as you try to defeat enemies, accomplish the missions, and win the game. With dozens of variations and sub-genres it can be difficult to find what you're looking for, the sections that follow are designed to provide an easy way to navigate through some of the many types of action games featured on this site.
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Action/Adventure Games

Games in the action/adventure sub-genre may not have the non-stop shoot 'em up action of a first person shooter, but they make up for it with in-depth storylines and game play that includes a mix of combat, adventure, and problem solving.


Shooters are combat style games played from either a first person or third person perspective in which players accomplish either linear or sandbox style missions/objectives that move the storyline. To help them succeed, in-game characters are typically equiped with various weapons, armour and other gadgets found throughout the game levels.

Survival Horror Games

The survival horror video game genre is a mix of different action sub-genres and game play styles in which players are put into a survival mode situation in which they must escape from or defeat evil forces in order to save their lives. (And sometimes humanity). Many types of action games can be classified as survival horror but most are defined by their lone protagonist, dark atmospheric settings, and mysterious or supernatural creatures/occurrences meant to frighten players.

Other Action - Platformers, Fighting, Shoot 'em up, and more

Platformers, fighting, shoot 'em up and other sub genres of action games cover a wide spectrum of games to be grouped together, but they are also more common to video game consoles. While consoles may see the majority of new releases from this genre, PC gamers can find a great deal of independant games, homebrew games and remakes of old time favorites.

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