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Strategy computer games, unlike typical action games and shooters, require a more calculated approach to game play where tactics and micro-management of units go a long way in determining if the game is won or lost. Computer RPGs on the other hand offer detailed character customization and development as well as open-ended story driven game-play. The sections that follow cover action filled games such as real time strategy and action RPGs as well as the slower paced turn based and traditional role playing games.
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Real Time Strategy

Real time strategy games (RTS) are a sub-genre of strategy games that depend upon quick and precise actions as all phases of the game occur in real time.

Turn Based Strategy

Turn based strategy games (TBS) are a style of strategy games in which players complete actions in a turn based mode. Games in this sub genre can cover all types of themes including science fiction and fantasy but the most common are historically based on either a specific battle, conflict or era in history.

Action RPGs

Action role playing games are a genre of video games that combine features of a traditional role-playing game with features of action shooters. Players control a character or group of characters, that have customized attributes, abilities and skills that are used in a real-time shooter style game-play. The game-play of action RPGs is often in the first or third person perspective with more of a focus on action style combat.

Traditional RPGs

Arguably one of the oldest video game genres, traditional role playing games try recreate the classic pen and paper style rpgs on the computer. Players create and customize characters with each character having unique attributes and skills based on a specific set of rules. The games are usually played at a slower pace that action RPGs and can be turn based.


Included here are the latest reviews on strategy and role playing computer games as well as reviews on some older releases.

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