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Rome Total War

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Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War

Description(Manufacturer):Rome: Total WarTM is the next generation in epic strategy gaming from the critically acclaimed and award winning Total War brand. The aim of the game is to conquer, rule and manipulate the Roman Empire with the ultimate goal of being declared as the "Imperator" of Rome. Set in a time when the mighty Roman Empire emerged to conquer the known world against powerful enemies; when gladiators fought to a bloody death in the Coliseum; when Spartacus defied the might of the empire; when Hannibal led his invincible army and his war elephants across the Alps to strike fear into the very heart of Rome itself; and when Julius Caesar finally smashed the Barbarian Gauls. This was a time of brutal confrontation between civilisation and barbarism, and of civil war as the ancient world’s only superpower turned on itself.

A completely new Total War engine uses innovative technology and groundbreaking design to bring the world of ancient Rome to life to deliver the biggest and most cinematic battles ever seen in a videogame. So the battles in Rome: Total War maintain the epic scale that fans of Total War " are used to, but now use high-detailed 3D polygonal troops and allows huge cities to be displayed on the battlefields. The result is truly spectacular.

Cities and settlements will grow and develop over time (providing they are managed properly) and as players develop the environment around their cities (e.g. by building roads and bridges or improving the agriculture) the battlefields will adapt to show these features. The result is a fully dynamic interactive world.

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Rome Total War Update Blog

January 27, 2005

Rome Total War Review Added

I've finished my review of Rome Total War and let me say this game is quite amazing. The graphics, game-play, strategy are all top notch. You can read more about my thoughts on it in my full review.

December 29, 2004 - Rome Total War Cheat Codes added. I've added some cheat codes for Rome Total War, they should provide all kinds of help for those having some difficulty playing.

August 24, 2004 - Rome Total War Demo. The Rome: Total War game demo has been released. Included is one mission and a tutorial on how to play the epic strategy game.

August 24, 2004 - Rome Total War Screenshots. Some 30 Rome Total War screenshots have been added. They show some great images of the scale and size of the battles.

August 23, 2004 - Rome Total War Blog created. The Rome Total War blog has been created to keep you up to date with pages or information that have been added.

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