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Gamers Gift Guide 2009 - PC Gaming Gift Ideas


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Steel Series Xai Laser Gaming Mouse
Gamers Gift Guide 2009 - PC Gaming Gift Ideas
 • Frames per second: 12,000
 • CPI: 100 - 5.001
 • Buttons: 8
 • Cord 6.5ft

 • Purchase from Steel Series

Steel Series is famous for developing high end gaming gear and accessories; Their new Xai Laser Mouse is no exception. It's ambidextrous grip makes it perfect for any gamer and it includes some mind boggling technical specs such as a high definition laser sensor, 12,000 FPS and adjustable CPI from 100-5001. The Xai Laser mouse also includes a built in LCD display used to create profiles and adjust settings, all of which are stored on the hardware itself making it virtually "software independent".

I had a chance to try out the Xai Laser mouse last month (Oct 2009) and was thoroughly impressed. It sports a minimalist design yet comes loaded with wide array of features, programmable buttons, and macros. It's top of the line technical specs are adjustable to suit your needs and puts it in a class by itself. There's a reason why Steel Series has cornered the market of professional gaming gear and the Xai Laser Mouse is perfect example. For a full list of features and technical specs visit the official Steel Series Xai Laser Mouse Page

Budget Buy: For those looking for a high performance gaming mouse but are looking for something less expensive, the Steel Series Kinzu Optical Mouse is a great alternative, retailing for $34.99.

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