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Top 10 Sports Games


Sports games have usually been popular with console vidoe game system, that doesn't mean that they haven't made it to the PC. Here's a top ten list of sports games for the PC who's game play is every bit as exciting as the console version of the game.

1. Madden NFL 2005

The 15th year of EA Sport's Madden NFL Football. The 2005 edition offers more advanced owner controls, more realistic playbooks, online play and more.
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2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 200

Create a custom golfer and then earn money on the pro tour by competing against the best on some of the most famous courses in the world. The 2004 edition contains 5 new courses.
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3. NBA Live 2005

Easier game controls, with one button offensive and defensive game plans. Build a dynasty by recruiting the top free agents and drafting future stars. Play by play announcing by Marv Albert and Mike Fratello.
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4. NASCAR Thunder 2004

This NASCAR racing simulation provides you with customizable cars, and teh ability to compete season after season against the world's best drivers in the new career mode.
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5. NHL Hockey 2005

NHL Hockey 2005 by EA Sports.
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6. FIFA Soccer 2004

FIFA Soccer 2004 offers the most players and teams of any of the EA games. With over 10,000 real players from 350 teams in 16 worldwide leagues. Includes famous crowd chants and more than 300 others. Like other EA Sports games it offers a GM role.
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7. EA Sports Rugby 2004

With over 1500 rugby players on 60 teams from across the world. Licenses with all the major worldwide rugby leagues, including the Australian Rugby Union (ARU), New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU), South African Rugby Union (SARFU), England’s Rugby Football Union (RFU), Scottish Rugby Union (SRU), Federation Francaise de Rugby (FFR), Rugby World Cup (RWC), and Super 12.

8. Backyard Football 2004

The fun of a schoolyard pickup game meets the NFL, when the Backyard Kids are joined by kid versions of the NFL's best!
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9. MVP Baseball 2004

MVP Baseball is a new installment in EA Sports, replacing the former Triple Play baseball series. Different views and less focus on all the aspects that hindered Triple Play. Excellent graphics and a franchise mode are just a couple of MVP's features.
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10. Outlaw Golf

Competition is fierce and caddies are in constant mortal danger as you beat them with your iron to raise your spirits and lower your score in this no-holds-barred golf game. With a hardcore physics engine that shows details from a blade of grass to the reflections seen in your club as it bounces off your caddy's head, this take-no-prisoners game features interference from other golfers, and environment hazards. Outlaw Golf, it's a full-contact sport!
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