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Top 10 Action Games for 2003


With the end of the year come the best of/worst of lists. With top sellers and hot titles it's often difficult to rate the best computer games over the course of a year. Many thought hands down it would be Half Life 2 to win all honors, but after many delays and an unforthunate theft of a portion of the source code, that's been pushed back to a Sping 2004 release. With all that said however, here are my picks for the best games of 2003.

1. Call of Duty

Just when you think there can't be anything new in a World War 2 action game Call of Duty proves you wrong by placing you in the heat of squad based fps action. This and the excellent blend of cinematics and action that made Medal of Honor a classic is used masterfully here.
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2. Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Max Payne 2 is everything a sequel should be. It keeps what worked in the original(graphics & gameplay), enhances them, and includes a compelling storyline to keep gamers glued to their seats.

3. Tron 2.0

Based on the science fiction motion picture from the early 1980s Tron 2.0 takes place approximately 20 years after the events in the film. Play out your own action scenes such as racing in light cycles. Excellent graphics and gameplay is what makes this one of the top games of the year.
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4. Warcraft 3 Expansion: Frozen Throne

The Frozen Throne expansion for Warcraft 3 has plenty of new features that keep gamers playing this hit series from Blizzard. With new heroes, units, and multiplayer options.
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5. Halo

The PC finally gets what Xbox owners have know for quite some time. The PC version of Halo offers updated graphics but the same gameplay and storyline that made the Xbox version a hit.
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What makes XIII one of the top games of 2003 is it's unique blend of Cel shading, comic book style graphics and it's excellent storyline.

7. Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters is a third person squad based shooter where you lead an uprising on the streets of New York fighting for freedom in an alternative future.
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8. Temple of Elemental Evil

With all it's bugs and glitches which are bound to be fixed with a patch, Temple of Elemental Evil takes fans of AD&D into a visual version of the classic Gary Gygax super module.
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9. Age of Mythology: The Titans

An excellent first expansion pack that adds a great single player campaign, a new civilization and more units and God powers.

10. Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations moves the RTS genre in a new direction from the same old game-play of collect resourses, build army, attack.
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