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Starcraft II Demo Download


Starcraft II Demo Download
Title: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Genre: Real Time Strategy
Theme: Sci-Fi
Developer: Blizzard

Size: 1.5GB

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Description: The Starcraft 2 demo puts players in control of Jim Raynor's Terran troops as they battle against the evil Zerg through the first three missions of the single player campaign. The demo does not include any multiplayer maps or game modes so a Battle.net id is not required to download and play the Starcraft 2 demo. The demo is approx 1.5GB in size and can be downloaded from any of the hosting sites listed below. You can also download directly from Blizzard via Battle.net but will be required to provide your name/email.

Starcraft 2 Demo Download Links
 • File Shack
 • Gamershell
 • Big Download
 • Battle.net

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