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Just Cause 2 Demo


Just Cause 2 Demo
Title: Just Cause 2

Genre: Action
Theme: Modern Action
Developer: Avalanche Studios and Eidos Interactive

Size: 1.05GB

Description: Just Cause 2 is a sandbox style action game that allows players to roam freely throughout the game world. Set on the fictional island of Panau, players once again take on the role of Rico Rodriguez as they try to oust the island's dictator, Baby Panay, from Panau. The Just Cause 2 demo allows players to roam a 35 square mile area of the desert region on Panau. It contains 16 towns and military bases with government leaders to hunt. It also includes drivable vehicles.

The Just Cause 2 demo must be downloaded via Steam and a steam account is required.

Download Links
 • Steam Demo Page

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