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Sins of a Solar Empire Review (PC)

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Sins of a Solar Empire Review (PC)
With the game mechanics of Sins of a Solar Empire you the ability to zoom in and out seamlessly with the mouse wheel taking you from a grand view of your empire down to a micro level where you can watch and control space ships in battle or manage your planets/asteroids. This works flawlessly and moving from one end of your empire to another can be done in a snap. The graphics are also nicely done, both ships, space structures and planets are nicely modeled showing off some great detail the closer you zoom in.

Bottom Line

Sins of a Solar Empire is an epic strategy game that can keep you up late at night. It does a great job of blending different aspects of all strategy game genres. The game does lack a single player campaign but single and multiplayer campaigns play out so well it's not really missed. The excellent game play, interface, and graphics all combine to make Sins of a Solar Empire one of the top strategy games and an all around excellent PC game.
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 4 out of 5
Complete Winner, Member Hagman

While sin's can be a little hard to get to grips with at first, it is by no means impossible to win or have fun with. After installing the game and loading up the first map I could find, I was plunged straight into the deep end. but after a bit of guessing and trial and error, things started to make sense. Granted If you have played games like this before it gives you a good head start, but if your not to sure there are some mini tutorials to help you out. You can alter how many opponents you face, the game speed and what difficulty they play at, Ranging from easy to unfair! Sins looks great, plays great, eats away hours of time without you even knowing(could be a bad thing.), and with a bit of playing, is a cracking game which everyone should have a go at. especially if your into RTS's or Sci Fi genres. 4 stars all the way!!!

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